"The Chico Garden Share Project" - The Big Idea

The Chico Garden Share Project works towards local food security through:

-Promotion of Garden/Yard Sharing and Community Gardens.

-Participation in "Garden Wheel" and "Permablitz" events organized by the Chico Permaculture Guild, helping to install backyard food gardens using Permaculture design.  

     -Promotion of Permaculture Design, the most sustainable way to feed ourselves. 

"Urban Garden Share"

The Chico Garden Share Project is working on getting Chico, CA listed at http://www.urbangardenshare.org/

-"Urban Garden Share pairs together eager gardeners with eager gardens. When neighbors come together and co-operatively grow food, dirt flies and good things happen."


"The Revolution is You"

In these hard economic times, Americans from all walks of life are becoming concerned for their family's food security.  They are beginning to connect with each other and share ideas in a groundswell movement towards self-sufficiency and real community.  The spirit of this movement has been captured by the song in this video, "The Revolution is You". 


"Design is a connection between things. It is not water, or a chicken or the tree. It is how the water, the chicken and the tree are connected. It's the opposite of what we are taught in school. Education takes everything and pulls it apart and makes no connections at all. Permaculture makes the connection because as soon as you have the connection you can feed the chicken from the tree." -Bill Mollison 



The Chico Garden Share Project

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"Our hybrid of community gardening and social networking is the safe, easy, and fun way for gardeners to find land and for land to become productive!" 


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