With these videos you will get an overview of some techniques that we can use to achieve local food security by applying them in our gardens. 

This technique is known as Urban Permaculture, or as I call it,  "BioCulturally sustainable urban food gardening", which is to say:

"a gardening method in which human urban culture and the ecology work synergistically to propagate mutual diversity, coexisting and sustaining each other, equally thriving, indefinitely."

Chico Garden Share Project

Click on these buttons and delve into the Chico Garden Share Project Vimeo and YouTube video libraries. 

Or see below for specially selected viewing.

(hint: hit play, then hit pause and let the video load for 1 minute.  Then play it without interruption.  You can look at the "The Forest Garden Vision" slide show below while it loads - enjoy!)


The Edible Schoolyard Book

"This video was created by Mario de La Vega to promote the Edible Schoolyard book, which chronicles the integration of academics with growing, cooking, and sharing wholesome, delicious food over the last 13 years. With inspiring images of the garden and kitchen—and their young caretakers—Edible Schoolyard is at once a visionary model for sustainable farming and childhood nutrition, and a call to action for schools across the country"


Fermentation Workshop with Sandor Ellix Katz

"Contrary to popular belief, fermenting foods is a simple process. But it needs to be done correctly, and there’s no better person to inform us about managing microbial bacteria to produce highly nutritious food. In fact, with Sandor Ellix Katz as their guide, viewers will find fermentation is much more than just a way of preserving food: it’s a method of self-sufficiency, a crucial historical component to all agricultural movements, and utterly delicious."

The Forest Garden Vision: Kazakhstan, Polycultures, and Eden

When was the last time you went to the market and saw over 100 types of apples available?  How about lemon candy flavored?

Click through these slides and watch an amazing journey to reveal our most ancient food origins in a natural food forest along the silk road in Kazakhstan.


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