Permaculture / Sustainability
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Earthen Hand Natural Building (Portland, OR) 

Permablitz Melbourne (Australia) 

Green Friends (Castro Valley, CA)

Solar Living Institute (Hopland) CA

Ecology Action (Willits, CA) 

Permaculture San Francisco

Riverhill Farms Internship (Nevada City, CA)

The Permaculture Project  (Across America)

Peramculture Activist Global Workshop Events Calendar (Indiana)

Aprovecho (Oregon)

Occidental Arts & Ecology Center (Sonoma County, CA)

Ecology Center | Environment, Community, Justice (Berkeley, CA)

California Native Garden Foundation  (Palo Alto/San Jose, CA)

Kijiji Grows - Urban Garden Systems - Aquaponics  (Bay Area, CA)

Permaculture Now! (Seattle, WA)

Living Mandala  (Seattle, WA)

Common Circle Education (Eugene, S.F., S.D.)

Understory - Reed Aubin (All over the place!)

Common Ground Organic Garden Supply and Education Center (Palo Alto, CA)

Earth Activist Training (California & the World)

Cal-Earth (Mojave, CA)

Lost Valley Educational Center (Oregon)

Plant! Homesteading (Redwood City, CA)

Ampersand (NM)

Bullocks Permaculture Homestead (Seattle, WA)

UC Santa Cruz CAS FS (CA)

Merrit College  - Certificate in Permaculture (Oakland)

Seattle Tilth (WA)

Divine Earth Gardening Project (WA)

Friendly Aquaponics (HI)

The Grow Haus (Denver, CO)

Barking Frogs Permaculture Center (Florida)

Growing Power (Milwaukee, Ark, KY, MO, VA, SC, MI, CO, MN, MS)

Permacultura Mexico (All the Workshops in Mexico)

Raw Institute of Permaculture Education RIPE  (Mexico) 

Holistic Farm (England)

Denver Urban Homesteading (CO)

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond (Tucson, AZ)

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm (Grass Valley, CA)

Regenerative Design Institute (Bolinas, CA & Maui, HI)

Soil Food Web (Oregon) 

Keyline Vermont (VT)

Edible Forest Gardens (Ohio)

Cascadia Permaculture (Oregon)

The Farm Eco-Village Training Center (Tennesee)

Wild Thyme Farm Permaculture (Washington) - Forestry

Phipps Green Gardening & Healthy Living Series (Pennsylvania)

Brighton Permaculture Trust (England)

GaiaCraft (Canada)

Uluwehi Farm & Nursery (Hawaii)

Indiginous Permaculture (Sonoma, CA)

Project Bonafide  (Costa Rica, Nicaragua)

Gaia University (International)

GrowFood - Work, Live, Learn (Intern, visit a farm in USA)

Aspen T.R.E.E. (Aspen, CO)

Arcosanti Project (Prescott, AZ)

Alpha Farm (Eugene, OR)

Intern for PEACE (Punta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico) Home 

Alderleaf Wilderness College  Center for Traditional Ecological Knowlegde (Monroe, WA)

WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Global Ecovillage Network - Activities and Opportunities Worldwide (hit the EVENTS button, then just hit the SEARCH buttons to see all)

ATTRA Sustainable Farming Internships (USA)

USDA Alternative Farming Education - Training & Internship Opportunities (CA)

EarthFlow Design Works  (LA/San Luis Obispo)

ACS Distance Education - Permaculture

Three Sisters Farm - BioShelter (Pennsylvania) 

Earth Camp Collective (Sebastapol)  Permaculture Summer Camp for Kids!

Cool Products & Shopping 

Dr. Bronner's Magic "all in one"


Host Defense Medicinal Mushroom Medicine - Paul Stamets

Funghi Perfecti Paul Stamets

Mushroom Adventures

Life Box (mail an eco-system)

Kombucha Kamp - Trust your gut! (Scoby Mushroom Tea Kit)

PLAANT - Art T-shirts

Friends School Plant Sale Catalog



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