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Permaculturists, Master Gardeners & Workshops

UC Davis – Butte County Extension
-Contact a Master Gardener for free during their office hours in Chico.  
-Enroll in the Master Gardener Program.
-Bring your sick plant to the plant clinic.

UC Davis - IPM
-Integrated Pest Management (IPM). A free consulting service of the UC Davis Butte Extension Program here in Chico.
-"IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of techniques such as biological control, habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices, and use of resistant varieties." - Native Springs Nursery

Chico Permaculture Guild

-"The Guild meets monthly to schedule member and community events, Permaculture Training courses as well as collaboration efforts with local groups actively involved in sustainability.  We seek to engage people in cultivating a more permanent culture in Chico and the Northern Sacramento Valley."

-"Meetings will be held every first Monday of the month starting at the Quaker Meeting House (1601 Hemlock Street). The meeting will start at 7pm and go til we're tired of it. Our hopes for the meetings are to share ideas and knowledge, plan projects and cultivate community. We would love for you and any friends who would be interested to join us! "

Gaia Creations

-"Our company is committed to providing the local community with the highest quality ecological landscape and Permaculture services and education possible."

-Check out their website for great Permaculture inspired ideas for your garden.  It is a wonderful resource for anyone beginning a Permaculture edible food garden or food forest.

Butte Free Skool

-"Classes are informal and egalitarian, and are held in homes, social spaces, parks – anywhere that works for the particular group. It is an opportunity to learn from each other and share what we know, to help create self-reliance, and build vital communities."

-Share what you know - volunteer to teach a class.

CSU Chico Associated Students
-Free composting workshops held some Saturdays.

-Produce from CSUC organic farm.  
-Wednesdays 11am-2pm

-Organic Gardening Class - 10 classes for $60, at the Grange on Sunday afternoons, starting January 16th, or $10 at the door (held at Chico Grange).
-Field trips to farms, and a tomato plant sale.  Memberships $20 for COGS privileges. 
-"There's a lot of room in this tent for gardeners and their friends.  We need help with the monthly magazine, with organizing classes, potlucks, and other events."
-Wonderful monthly gardening information for our local area.  Check Valley Oak Magazine first to see what you should be doing in your garden.

-"Kids and classrooms of all ages (from preschool to universities), youth groups, associations, gardeners and people from around California and the Western United States come to The Worm Farm Learning Foundation to learn about worms, and have fun too!"
-Worm bin workshops, build your own worm bin, proceeds help fund children's tour snacks.

Children's Peace Guild | Permaculture, Ethnobotany & Ancestral Crafts Education

-The C.P.R.N. serves as a clearing house of Permaculture-related information. It was created as a constantly evolving hub of print material, online resources, history, and support to further expand the network of childhood education. 

-Additionally, the C.P.R.N. carries a selection of books, zines, and pamphlets for children, parents, and educators. Topics include Permaculture, Primitive Skills, Gardening, DIY, and Self-Sufficiency among others.

-Certified Permaculture Designer and Teacher, Passive Solar Instructor, Master Gardener
-A few of the workshop subjects in the "Intro to Practical Permaculture" course are:  Build a passive greenhouse; Bio gas generators; Planting food forests; Solar kitchens and Solar cooking.
-"We are in a time of great change.  It is more important than ever that we grow our own food.  Consider what you need to be as self sufficient as possible, as high inflation in the USA lurks around the corner.  Create an affinity group of like-minded people to help you prepare, and to work together through the coming hard times.  Take a Permaculture class"

Ecology Action - GROW BIOINTENSIVE(R) 
-Associated with Common Ground Garden Supply in Palo Alto, projects worldwide, workshops, tours, teacher training and certification.
-Sells books to learn Sustainable Mini-Farming, or you can go to Willits and take a 3 day workshop.
-GROW BIOINTENSIVE (R) reduces water, fertilizer, energy, and increases soil fertility, yield, caloric production and income.

-Incredible Conference affiliated with Ecology Action. So many amazing things to see and do and learn.
-In Monterrey, 3 nights 9 meals $420, in rustic housing near the beach with roommates at a State Park.
-Totally Awesome!!!

-Workshops and comprehensive online resource for Greywater.
-Rainwater Harvesting and Composting Toilets.
-Build Swales (see image) to absorb rainwater
-Construct Wetland Systems

-Gardening workshops – small fee.
-"A pioneer program promoting self-reliance, sustainable practices, regional food security and ecological literacy, the Teaching Garden provides information, instruction and practical experience in sustainable organic food gardening."
-Jim Collins is a local ecopsychologist, organic farmer and founder of a regional seed bank.  He is currently garden manager of the Community Teaching Garden project at Shasta College. You may ask him questions at:

Earthen Hand - Natural Building

Earthen Hand of Portland Oregon is currently offering affordable local and international natural building courses. Our courses seek to empower people with information and hands-on instruction in earthen building techniques for a self-reliant, ecological lifestyle. Our international workshops assist indigenous communities by creating a useful earthen structure. Participants of these workshops get a wonderful visit to a new country that allows them to interact and give something significant to local peoples. Courses for 2011 include Cob Oven Construction, Earthen House Design, Earthen Paints and Plasters, Adobe Construction and Earthbag Basics.  Please visit our website for more information.

Cal-Earth - The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture - Mojave Desert

"The founding philosophy is the equilibrium of the natural elements of earth, water, air, and fire and their unity at the service of the arts and humanity. The Cal-Earth project has transformed this philosophy through hands-on research into sustainable earth architecture through building and testing life-size prototypes, and by educating the public in environmental arts, architecture, and awareness."

Winter/Spring 2011
February 23-26 Four Day Workshop
March 21-26 One Week Workshop
April 11-16 One Week Workshop
May 16-21 One Week Workshop

"Aprovecho is a non-profit research and education center located outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon. Our 40 acre rural campus is the classroom for our ongoing educational programs. At Aprovecho you will experience live working examples of Appropriate Technology,Sustainable Forestry, Organic Agriculture, Permaculture, and the interconnectedness that is shared by these systems and with the land."

Occidental Arts & Ecology | Sonoma

-"We teach people practical techniques that help integrate ecological consciousness and sustainable living skills into their lives, workplaces and communities. We invite individuals to explore their creativity, and we offer tools which help bring them into deeper relationship with the natural world."

-Permaculture & Ecological Design, School Gardens, Intentional Communities, Water Institute

-"OAEC is a nonprofit organizing and education center and organic farm in Northern California’s Sonoma County. OAEC was founded in 1994 by a group of biologists, horticulturists, educators, activists, and artists seeking innovative and practical approaches to the pressing environmental and economic crises of our day."

Mendocino Ecological Learning Center 

-"Working with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Mendocino Ecological Learning Center is proud to offer the public this solution oriented program free of charge! Now in its 4th year, the ISSC is an environmental and sustainable (Green) living skills education program. The curriculum is designed for 20-40 students and covers many subjects in Ecology and Sustainable Communities..."

33rd Annual Harmony Festival 2011 |Music | Art | Ecology | Healthy Living | Spirituality

-Ani DiFranco

-June 10th, 11th, 12th, Sonoma County Fairgrounds

-Early Bird Whole Festival Pass with Camping: $160






Community Resources

CSU Chico – College of Agriculture – Organic Farm

-Call to visit the organic farm.  You can pick your own peaches in August. 

-"Organic Vegetable Project - The collaboration brings together students, faculty, local farmers and other community members who intend to promote the wise use of resources and preservation of local food." 

Chaffin Family Orchards - Butte Valley

-The ultimate Permaculture homestead - all organic, fruit orchards, livestock, olives, you name it, it's all wonderful.  Tours and field trips, wonderful virtually free workshops held in Chico. 

-Great place to get fresh olives for curing and to buy fresh, cold pressed olive oil from 100 year old trees, at a mere $55/Gallon.

-Order organic meat and produce by the season.

-Website: "Nourishing Our Children"

-To learn about curing olives without lye, email Don Landis: olivedon@hotmail 

Chico Grange

"Jon Luvaas, currently the president of Chico Grange, saw potential in the organization several years back when membership was declining. Nowadays, he and some other dedicated members have helped to significantly revitalize the organization." -CNR

-Workshops held here, plus affordable membership for Grange events.

California Native Plant SocietyMt. Lassen Chapter

-Native plant sales, memberships from $25 include walks, hikes and field trips – Chico.

-Comprehensive native garden design plans on the CNPS website

Chico Creek Nature Center

-Bidewell Park, interpretive facility & nature lab.

-Hikes, events, environmental education.

Chico News & Review (CNR) – Green Guide

-Blog where you can find current local garden related goings on and events.

Jeremy Miller - Nor Cal Blogs | Chico Food Network

-Local goings on, great source for sustainability, community, and gardening news.

-Chico Food Network works towards achieving local food sustainability and security.

Jennifer Jewell – Garden Writer

-Radio program on KCHO 91.7 weekend mornings.

-Online resource for local events and organizations.

-Wonderful garden blog with comprehensive and definitive resource links for the area.

-"Northern California's premier online news magazine"

-Great gardening articles and information:  "Seed Saving is Smart" and "The Great Outdoors"

-Look for Jennifer Jewell's monthly garden report and events calendar. 

Edible Shasta-Butte

-Online and print magazine - delicious, gorgeous, classic recipes for local produce. You've got to see it to believe it!

KZFR 90.1 FM Radio

-Listener supported radio, with  a wide variety of music genre's, even the kids get to DJ.

-Ecotopia, Democracy Now, special news programs, Community Calendar

-Listen online; donate a couple bucks while you’re at it!

Chapman Farmers Market | Food and Fitness Festival | Chico

"A Farmers Market in the Park & On the Grass! The Friday Farmers Market at the DFJ Chapman Center (CARD) at 16th & C Streets in Chico. Student Nurses and Nutritionists give free blood pressure screenings, share healthy recipes, and have planned activities for the kids. Come celebrate healthy living in the prettiest year-round farmers market in Butte County. We gladly accept EBT SNAP cards."

-Everybody knows about the Wed., Sat. and Thurs. markets, right? 




Chico Community Gardens & Public Outreach    

G.R.U.B. Chico CSA

-Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA), become a sponsor and order weekly baskets of produce.

-Supported Community Gardens

Bidwell Community Teaching Garden - and Composting School 

The Jesus Center Garden

The West Lindo Garden

-You may organize your own neighborhood garden and they will help out, or you may volunteer to maintain an existing garden and share during harvest.

-Halloween event "Wheeled Migration" bike to harvest, in costume!

ChicoEco Cooperative

-Community garden

-Check workshop dates

-Seed giveaways!

cChaos – Growing Healthy Lifestyles 

-“Our mission is to facilitate, improve and maintain healthy lifestyles by        increasing access to fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts…”

-Organize Chapman Town Farmers Market and Oroville Farmers Market.

-Various free family activities for the community.

Share Your Harvest

-"Help diminish hunger in our community by sharing the excess bounty from your garden."

-"Deliveries will be made in the summer months to the Esplanade House, the Well Ministry, Salvation Army, Skyway House, Torres Community Shelter and other."    899-8797

The Jesus Center

-Community garden.

-Emergency shelter, free meals, computers, phones, many resources.

-Annual 5k Run benefit.

Composting Is Good for Your Garden and the EnvironmentCompost in a HurryLa seguridad alimentaria en su huerto familiar



Public Resources

UC Davis – Vegetable Research and Information Center (VRIC)

-Everything you need or want to know about each veggie, a beautiful library.

UC Davis - California Gardening - Advice to Grow by

-Bingo!  If you are going to garden, this website is going to be your best friend!

-And it is brought to us thanks to this lady right here, Master Gardener extraordinaire Pam Geisel. 

UC Ag and Natural Resources (ANR) Catalog

-Free online downloadable home food gardening and food preservation pamphlets.

-Buy the California Master Gardener Handbook, and have it all at your fingertips.

USDA Plants Database

-So amazing, the sum total of human knowledge of American plants.  40,000+ plant images.

-"The PLANTS Database provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories."

-Photographs courtesy of:  

J.S. Peterson @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

Plants for a Future

-A resource and information centre for edible and otherwise useful plants

-Search for plants using a number of search criteria including: common and Latin names, keyword, family, habitat and use (medicinal, edible or other).

National Center for Home Food Preservation

-Process your food and store enough for the entire year.


National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

-Market Gardening: A Start up Guide.  For the ambitious among us! (beautiful website, and very encouraging)

-Soils & Compost Publications - Free Downloads


-The Sustainability Wiki

-"Appropedia is the site for collaborative approaches to sustainability, poverty reduction and international development"

Soil Biology Primer | USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Learn all about the "Soil Food Web", what's going on in your soil, why you should build up, and how to do it.


Tarahumara TekomariFlour/Flint Corn

Guarijio GrainTarahumara




BioCulturally Sustainable Garden Supply
"Biomimicry 'mimics' natural systems, and does more than just take lessons from nature, it utilizes natural models and processes to create BioCulturally sustainable objects and applications."
Ernest J.P. Muhly

The Worm Farm - Durham

-Worm castings, organic compost mix, over 100 soil amendments available.

-Mixes made to order and delivered.

-Redworm's shipped nationwide (except HI).

-School tours and worm bin workshops through "The Worm Farm Learning Foundation"

Valley Oak Tool Supply - Chico

- Local inventor and fabricator of the "Wheel Hoe" and "Broadfork".

-The Wheel Hoe reduces back strain, cuts weeds much faster, design rugged enough for small farms, height adjustable.

Floral Native Nursery - Chico

-California native plants, seedlings.  Get the scoop on drought tolerant, butterfly attracting native plants.

-CNR article.

Chico Propagators

-Begonias, indoor houseplants.  Looks to be a lovely nursery, with an amazing array of beautiful plants.  Owned by Sally Greenwood, with 30 years experience in specialty plants.

-anewscafe report by Jennifer Jewells

Chico Organic Flowers

-Truly spectacular organic blooms, beautiful arrangements.

-Check out the flower calendar to see what grows around here and when it blooms.

The Plant Barn - Chico/Durham

-Unique and interesting nursery and greenhouses and staff - fun!

-100 year old barn with gift shop

-monthly classes and private "party" classes for groups.

Butte Rose Society

-Rose club, compete and show roses, willing to help people interested in roses.

Native Springs Nursery - Durham

-At Chico Farmers Market, March - October.  Native trees and landscaping, herbs coming soon.

- interview by Jennifer Jewell

-"The choices we make in our yard, whether it’s a half acre or a small back patio, can make a big difference to wildlife and to the environment in general."  Nancy, Native Springs Nursery

Little Red Hen Nursery

-"The Little Red Hen is a non-profit organization with three locations serving children and adults with developmental disabilities. 100% of our sales / donations benefit quality programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome and other cognitive disabilities."

Kitchel Family Organics

-Organic and rare walnuts, (see if they know of a gleener).

-Sun-dried fruits, no sulfer

-Many other nuts, veggies, etc. Feel free to call and plan a visit and sample their produce.

Canyon Creek Nursery & Design - Oroville

-"John Whittlesey is an expert horticulturist of international reputation..."

 "...specializing in the design and installation of water wise gardens and Greywater systems for home and landscaping use".

-"While he built the nursery on hard-to-find  and heirloom selections, John has always been attracted to tough, resilient plants." 


Turtle Bay's McConnel Aboretum and Botanical Gardens Nursery

-Water-Wise Method:  "The design of the McConnell Arboretum & Botanical Gardens was informed by a water-wise method focused on working with nature and natural forces (such as rainfall), appropriate plant selection, soil preparation, and watering methods that create an aesthetically pleasing, livable landscape, while using less water from the local supply."

-"We specialize in plant's proven to survive and thrive in our area...Talk to our experts about what will work best in your garden."

-Annual Fall plant sale and coupons online, and a 40% off area.

-Saturday Plant Talks, Work Shops and Garden Programs, and the nursery is open to the public to buy plants from.

-You can find them at the Chico's Farmers' Market from February to April selling vegetable cultivars for transplanting which are especially adapted to this region.

-Together with other home gardeners in Shingletown, they plan and divide up what each home garden will grow, and then share the harvest.  They also preserve their food together. Sounds like a good plan for Chico Garden Share Project!

EZ Farms and Fish - Organic Aquaponic Gardening - Dublin

-Raise Fish and Vegetables together!  Indoors or Out!  

-Uses electricity, but can be solar powered.  Doesn't use much water once filled.

-In a 10x20 foot area you can grow: up to 400 lbs. of fish and more than 1,100 heads of organic lettuce (or other vegetables) per year.  Enough for a small family (who enjoys fish!  But you can feed your pets, and trade it, too).

-Apparently pays off the investment in two years.  You also have to have a supply of fish food.  Call for info and prices.

Native Seeds S|E|A|R|C|H - Arizona

-Grow a "Three Sisters" Garden, or as I call it, an Aztec Symbiotic Garden - Maize, beans and squash gourds.  The corn hold up the beans, the beans fix nitrogen for the corn, and the squash protects the others.  These are planted in small mound - 3 corn, 3 bean and 1 squash.

-Save genetic diversity and sponsor a crop grown by Native Americans for $100.

-You can live on these if you plant them: corn, beans, squash, amaranth.  The corn is delicious, with different varieties for flour, sweet corn or popcorn.

-Genetically Diversified, not Genetically Modified.

Common Ground - Organic Garden Supply and Education Center - Palo Alto

-Seeds; edible, medicinal, ornamental and native plant starts; garden supply; plant and herb companions info; edible landscaping; tours, and resources.

-Here is their newsletter with exemplary workshops that "Chico Grow Local" could endeavor to promulgate.  

Bountiful Gardens 

-Heirloom, untreated, open pollinated seed varieties, comprehensive catalog dedicated to permaculture practices.

-Edible Mushroom Kits, vegetables, compost crops, grains & fiber, flowers, herbs, shrubs, trees, shrubs, berries and inoculants.

-Affiliated with Common Ground Garden Supply in Palo Alto.

Victory Seeds - Rare, Open-pollinated and Heirloom Garden Seeds

-"Victory Seed Company is a small, family owned and operated organization that works to preserve plant varieties by locating, growing, documenting and offering heirloom and rare open-pollinated seeds to home gardeners"

-Friends of Chico Garden Share

-Themed on the tradition of the Victory Gardens in America during WWII, they sell a "Canned Victory Garden" with "ISV's"

Important Survival Vegetables(ISVs) are staple crops based on their nutritional and/or caloric composition, for their potential high yield to garden space ratio, or for their ability to improve the soil.

Oikos Tree Crops  

-Hybrid Oaks, plus Chestnuts (for making acorn & chestnut flour), Beeches (for beechnut butter), and more amazingly useful trees!!

-Honey Locust trees - for livestock feed.

-Edible wild fruits - strawberries, grapes, paw paws, pears, blueberries, etc.

-Rare and unusual and useful plants!

Seed Saver Exchange

-"Our mission is to save North America's diverse, but endangered, garden heritage for future generations by building a network of people committed to collecting, conserving and sharing heirloom seeds and plants..."

-"By becoming a member of the Seed Savers Exchange you may choose from thousands of heirloom vegetables.  You will have access to twice as many vegetable varieties as are available from all of the mail-order seed catalogs in both the U.S. and Canada."

-SSE memberships as low as $25/year.  Flower and Herb exchange $10/year

-Catalog of Seeds (take a look, it's inspirational!)

The Free Seed Exchange 

Vegetable Seed Saving Handbook

"Welcome to the FREE Seed Exchange for Seed Savers Worldwide. This site is brought to you free of charge, so everybody can afford to share their seeds. We encourage members to trade their seeds, or even offer them for free, especially in these uncertain times. You can also offer your seeds for sale. These ads are free and we hope to keep them that way."

Arbor Day Foundation

-Become a member for $10 and receive 10 trees or have them planted in your honor, and you will lessen your carbon footprint and make the world more beautiful.  

-Almost 200 varieties of beautiful trees to choose from.

-"A special cardboard laden with seeds and mychorrhizal fungi. Simply wet your cardboard, throw some dirt on top and wait for the American elms and lodgepole pines to sprout. According to Stamets, the Life Box can reduce waste, sequester carbon and reforest the planet." 

-Also order kits to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms, indoors or out, on stumps or logs. Beneficial to soil.



find local food

Search for local food from California's farms, stores, restaurants & more!

but fresh

More Great Local Stuff

-John Thorman Peters captures the natural beauty of Chico's greatest community treasure, Bidwell Park.

All photographs are available at Chico Paper Company, 345 Broadway Street , Chico, CA 95928 530-891-0900 /
Since there are so many to chose from only a selection of about 25 are displayed at the store, but any photograph you like can be made into a print in a variety of sizes & media types.
John Peters
Bidwell Park Arts

ReStore Resale Outlet, Chico

-Habitat for Humanity's ReStore resale outlets sell reusable and surplus building materials to the public.  Good stuff cheap! 

-Learn to bake bread, make fresh pasta and sauces, and make tamales.  Very handy skills, $55.

-See website for class dates. 

The Healing Clinic of 

Adam Moes L.Ac. MSTCM CMT

Now Offering 

Community Style Acupuncture  

$20-40 Sliding Scale


(530)  828-2589

-"Mojohito has studied nutrition and traditional healing arts with world renowned therapist Paul Pitchford, author of the landmark text on the subject, Healing with Whole Foods, Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition."

"The Agency operates the surplus food distribution in a five county area. Surplus foods are distributed to qualified individuals and families once a month in various locations through the counties. This program is funded in part by the United States Department of Agriculture."

538-7534   ext. 241

-Free e-cycling (T.V.'s, computers, etc.).

-Auctions (of stuff left in storage)

 Contra Dance | Chico Grange

-English Line Dancing, put on by The Butte Folk Music Society

Second Saturday of every month, 6:30-10pm | 
$8 general/$7 members/ $4 students | All ages | 877-2930

 Movement Medicine Center - Chico

-Ecstatic Xpress Dance

Dance to world beat, global fusion, funk, hip-hop, techno, tribal or DJ.

When: W, F, 8:30-10pm | Price: $7 | Ages: All ages

Cafe Culture

-Chico cultural center and cafe offering a wide variety of classes and entertainment for all ages.


Pacific Sun Gourmet | Olive Oi

-Now there's no excuse not to grow olives!  Community Crush in Gerber: 

"...people in our community bring olives from their own trees to be crushed. Their olives will contribute to a "Community Blend". Each person that contributes will receive an allocation of the "Community Blend" olive oil based on the amount of olives they contribute."

-Buy an Italian "Fusti" to properly store your bulk, local, and cold pressed olive oil.

Nord Country School

-"...value the best elements of traditional and innovative education and support the development of every student's mind, body and spirit." 

-Threshing Bee, Harvest Festival, Halloween Carnival

-Extensive School Gardening Program

Learning in the field:

Nord Country School’s harvest event teaches kids about food, farming.

Bolt's Antique Tool Museum

-"One thing is certain, despite changes in form and substance there will always be a need for a tool to do the job."


Community Action Agency of Butte County, Inc.

-Free!  A/C's, Refrigerators, Weatherization, Wood, Propane...  You may qualify!

STAR Community Credit Union

"STAR Community Credit Union is the oldest locally owned and operated financial institution in Chico.

STAR was formed in 1958 under state charter by four college professors who believed that a credit union would provide necessary benefits to the faculty and staff of Chico State and other Chico schools. It has since grown to include students, teachers, alumni and retirees of all Butte County schools..."

-Bank locally - where you put your money, matters

CHIP | Community Housing Improvement Program

-"Provides healthy, sustainable, affordable housing and services..."

-Some very lovely, affordable places to rent or own built by Chico's best architects.  For example, a studio on Flume St. with communal areas is $290/mo.

Cafe Flo

-Eat Local (food) Drink local (brew), and listen to local music!  Food comes from local growers, and musicians play almost every night.


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